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Anglolat Block Management 


LongCroft House
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The Task of Management

Managing blocks is demanding.  Responsibility usually falls to the freeholder or the flat owners themselves.  Either way, it is essential that all the parts of a building used by the residents in common are well-managed both for practical and legal reasons.  This demands time and effort.  Every resident’s committee or management company deserves the trouble free, cost efficient management AngloLat Block Management provide.


Appointment of a Management Company

Without a dedicated management company taking responsibility for enforcing the covenants of the leases, the standard of a block can quickly break down.  This is where AngloLat Block management fit in by taking control and deciding how to deal with problems as and when they arise.  This eases the burden and avoids one or two residents attempting to self-manage the block.

The appointment of AngloLat Block Management will ensure success by providing a structured approach to the management and avoiding the pitfalls of administrative failure.  AngloLat Block Management can regulate matters where disagreements arise or owners refuse to contribute towards costs.  As Company Secretary for the Management Company, AngloLat Legal Services is also able to ensure the block and management company comply with their statutory obligations.

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